Orientation day!

Honestly I let my anxiety and hard feelings towards school get in the way a bit today.

My daughter is so excited to start her journey into the world of learning. As a father I’m excited for her. All hard feelings aside, there is a lot to learn in grade school and I’m anxious to watch her learn and grow.

Grade school was a very hard time for me. I went to three school by the time I was 9, which at the time made it very hard to make friends.

“Oh great not another boy!”

This was something I heard, from who ironically later in life became one of my best friends and she actually introduced me to my amazing wife. At the time it hurt but it was something I was used to. I was picked on a lot due to my size so I learned to hide my feelings and bottle everything up.

Always being the outsider I needed a way to “fit in”, so naturally I acted out. In “school” standard I wasn’t very bright, I did poor in class and well homework was not a priority. I hid my report cards and threw away notes from my teachers.

“if you keep this up your going to be no one in life”

“no Nick you need to do it this way, your way is wrong”

I knew from a very young age that school was not a place for me. By grade 12 I worked from 530am to 1030am then I went to school then back to work after class. At the time I had a 3rd period class which I would show up to late due to my work schedual and my teacher constantly harped on me for it. One day I had enough after he called me out in front of everyone.

Teacher -” Nick you come in here late everyday, your dressed in dirty clothes, you seem tired and distracted and your wasting my time”

Teenage Nick ” Oh I’m sorry, iv put in more hours already today then you will put in all week, so dont tell me im wasting your time” (there might have been some foul language in there)

Needless to say I quickly dropped that class and honestly never looked back. Now I’m not here to bash school, I’m not even entirely sure where I was going with that story but oh well.

Honestly I hope my kids grow up having the time of their life in school. I want them to have memories of their favorite teacher and “that one time in grade 4 when we…”. It turns out when you go to 5 different schools you end up with a lot of different friends and even more interesting stories. More then anything i want my children to leave school with amazing memories, and hopefully no debt(that ball is in my court I know).

To my baby girl, your growing up too fast for mom and me but that’s ok. Your going to learn lots both hard lessons and lessons that will come easy. Your going to make friends and lose friends but it’s all part of the process. Just remember to never stop learning, always go after your dreams and never give up on yourself. YOU have the choice to be happy and to enjoy your life. Listen generously, you might learn something from the most unexpected person. One last thing, BE YOURSELF. You are what makes you amazing, if someone doesn’t like it, so what. Your going to do great baby girl, go take what’s yours and never look back because you can’t change what’s already done but you sure as hell can build the road to where you want to go.




Our whole life is broken down into different measurements of time.  What time do you have to wake up in the morning? What time is your meeting? What time do you need to be at your lacrosse practice? What time do you go to bed at?

A large percent of the population will agree that there is just not enough “time” in a single day. I don’t necessarily agree with that statement but i’m also not going to argue with  how  you prioritize you’re time.

The subject of time is something that my wife and I are now starting to deal with and address with our oldest. Not only at the “bed time” level but also with the weeks/months.

A: So like last night a week ago when we went to Nana and Papous. 

Me: ok… it was two days ago sweetie but yes go on i know what you meant. 

Its not the weeks and days that are the issue because in all honesty she is very good with them, its just when she has ten thousand ideas come out of her mouth all at once the message gets lost. Day to day time management with our children is where we need to focus our efforts on and i’m not just saying in our household i believe it should be something taught in our school systems as well. At the end of each day we are starting to set an allotted amount of time to do our clean up and bedtime rituals so they understand not everything is right now and there are certain steps to get to your end goal even if that goal is bedtime.

“MY” day doesn’t start till i would say 8 – 8:30pm, and no i don’t mean when i get up and shower for work. When i say “MY” i mean after i have gone to work, come home cook dinner, set about an hour aside for the kids, clean up the mess as well as do a few items from my “daily to do list (household management blog post  to come)” and get the children bathed teeth done and off to bed.  After all that is when i can do “MY” stuff, there is a reason i do these posts so late at night.


In my opinion it not that we do not have enough time in a day rather we as a society have our priorities set up in a way that we feel we need more time to sit around with our thumbs up our ass. I should say however that if that’s what you want to do then all the power to you but then on the same hand i don’t need to hear how you wish you could have the Brand “X” car and you drive a fucking rusty toilet on wheels. If you want it go fucking bust your sorry little ass off instead of wishing there was more time in the day.

Time is just the tool that we use to plan out our day to day life. It is something that i believe is needed and at the same time its something we can ignore and get lost in our goals and things that we are passionate about.



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