Everyone is a PLYR in their own personal game of life.


Temper temper

So the kids won tonight. Yes that's right, the young bloods got the best of dad and let me tell you, I feel like a POS about it. Does that make me a bad dad? I sure as hell feel like one that's forsure. It's not their fault every event that took place these past... Continue Reading →

My Dad’s

I had a conversation today with my dad about a few different things. It started with a question about how he should go about disciplining his grandbabies if and when the situation presented itself. I'm going to be honest it was because my oldest was being a bit of a shit head (definitely comes from... Continue Reading →

Cleaning Problem

If your anything like me then you can appreciate the stress and anxiety level that comes with a mess. By a show of hands how many of you feel like you could just spend hours cleaning and the moment you put your favorite vacuum away the circus has already come and gone? I have three... Continue Reading →


Our whole life is broken down into different measurements of time.  What time do you have to wake up in the morning? What time is your meeting? What time do you need to be at your lacrosse practice? What time do you go to bed at? A large percent of the population will agree that... Continue Reading →

Being tired for all the RIGHT reasons.

I'm sure that in everyone's day to day they go through some sort of daily ritual or common occurrence, whether it be coffee with the wife before heading off to work or the small talk with co-workers or customers. Mine so happens to be the small talk with both co-workers as well as customers, "good... Continue Reading →

Emotional Weakness

Emotions are something that i held deep down and strongly believed that they were a sign of weakness. Weakness in my mind was something that was extremely unacceptable and would be the reason i would not be able to succeed in life not just financially but more importantly as a father and husband. There was... Continue Reading →

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