My One

It’s as simple as this, my wife is the reason I am here today.

Not all fairy tales are kissing frogs and flying donkeys. On the outside I learned how to be confident and to some even well put together.

In reality I was an alcohol fueled freight train filled with narcotics and a hidden bag of explosives. My depression was the conductor and I’ll be honest with you guys he was a terrible driver.

To my parents I might have seemed a bit off but I would always blame it on being tired, I was in my early twenties and living the “bar life”. To my close friends they could see me slipping away at an alarming rate.

So here I am at my afternoon bar spot, I look across the room and through the doors I see my guardian angel. I immediately asked my wing man, Michelle, who the hell this stunning women is (she worked with my future wife at the time).

M: Her name is Teles………

Me: She is the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

I didn’t even let her finish saying her name I was so fixated.

Later that day, at a different bar, here she comes walking in the door and what are the first words out of my mouth?

Me: Hey I know that girl, I fucking love that girl..

Her: Was he talking to me ?

I had to meet her, there was no question that I needed this women in my life.

So I do what any pathetic young guy does, and asks her friends what some of her interests are to see where we have some common ground. Remember a couple weeks ago I posted about how the lion king played a very important role in us meeting?

That simple post gave me an in to start a conversation with one of the shyest people I have ever met.

A few nights later I picked my future wife up and we talked for 8 hours before the lion king was played. I was sweating like a nervous pig, she asked me what was wrong and I told her I have never been so scared to kiss anyone because if I mess it up I won’t get another shot.

This women gave me the flashlight to find my way out of the hole. She gave me eternal confidence and showed me how to love me for me. Not once has she ever asked me to change or that I can’t do this and that, with trusting in me to make the right choices it in turn showed me my self worth.

To my beautiful wife, Thank you.

Love N.R.W


My dad grew up there, my brother lives there and my best friend has won a national championship there. I have been visiting the Humboldt community my entire life for Christmas dinners and to watch the boys in green and yellow.

My heart goes out to every friend brother sister cousin uncle aunt grandma grandpa son daughter and most importantly mom and dad.

To the Moms and Dads, there are no words I can say or actions I can do to portray how deeply sorry I am. I want you to know that you are not alone there is an entire community world wide that is here behind you in this time of need. I did not know any of your sons but I promise you that they will forever be remembered and that all the good memories will be shared for lifetime to come.

Rest Easy Young Warriors.


The Key To Life

Do you want to know what the key to life is ?

I have a hint, it’s not in this post. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is the key holder to their own life.

My life and your life are very different, just like my house key won’t unlock your door and hopefully yours doesn’t unlock my door. Throughout your life you could end up with many keys and become that one guy we know with a ten pound key ring that he needs a fany pack for. Ok I’m that guy and you know what? I’m not ashamed of it.

Everyone starts with 1 key then something cool happens, we find another one and then another. We do this till we find the one that opens that last door for us where life is perfect……. out of nowhere you stumble upon another key.

There is no single key, the key is to make the one your currently holding the best damn key you have ever seen. Life is weird and beautiful and scary and messed up but that’s what makes it amazing. If you’re looking for the key to life then take the one you have throw it away and go down to lifedepot and cut a new one.


The little things.

The little things might possibly be one of the most important aspects of life, and very few people seem to take them in.

I regret very little in my life, but not taking in the small visit with Grandma here and the “missed” dinner there, is something I can never get back.

This weekend we had Easter dinner at my mom’s and had an amazing visit with my second cousin Orest and Great Uncle Peter. I haven’t spent a lot of time with my great uncle but this past year my family has been able to spend a few very memorable evenings with him, evenings that will last a lifetime.

Dinner was perfect and as usual, I ate way too much, so I’m sitting there in a food coma. I look around, on one end my girls are pestering my boy and on the other adults are immersed in conversation.

Uncle Peter, however, was enjoying the little things. The joy and look of pure happiness as he watched the kids play, is something only movies and stories are able to capture. At that moment, I realized the impact such a small event can have on an individual.

Uncle Peter thank you for unknowingly teaching me the importance of soaking in the little things. The joy I was able to witness will forever be engraved in my memories.

Call that person you miss, knock on your great aunt and uncles door, don’t wish you would have or say ” I should”. Reach out, it might be the most important conversation you will ever have with that certain someone.


My Pride Land

When the hell did I get so God damn soft?

One of my all-time favourite movies growing up was Lion King (hopefully I don’t get in shit for using the title). I and my wife share the love of the movie, it was actually a very vital piece to the puzzle in how I turned into the luckiest man alive. So we sit down for a movie night with the kids and decide to watch this magnificent masterpiece and holy shit did I ever forget about how fucking sad a certain scene is (everyone should know what I’m talking about).

I can’t let my little ones watch this? Wait my parents let me watch this, what the hell were they thinking? Then it hit me like a slap in the face. Unknowingly I have taken in this new age mentality of protecting our children from absolutely everything.

First things first I threw that thought right out the window. Here is the thing, do you guys remember the scene where father and son are up on the……. of course you do. My philosophy on that scene goes like this. Our lives on this planet are how we perceive it, some people take the bad for good and others the good for bad. Everywhere where the light touches are up to ourselves to decide if we turn right or left or choose to look at the glass half full or half empty. Now where the sun does not go is the absolute inevitable, this is where pain and suffering come into play.

We all experience pain and suffering at some point in time. Now the tricky part it teaching our children how to deal with it. There is no right way of doing this but there is a wrong one. Allowing your children to believe it’s all sunshine and rainbows will eventually lead to a breakdown or ultimately, failure.

My Pride Land is a safe space for my family to learn both the good and bad aspects of life. I will protect them with all my power but I will always encourage good and bad mistakes and failure, if we do not learn from our mistakes and learn how to deal with pain or suffering then we can never learn to heal and mend what is “broken”.

Pain is an amazing thing, it allows us to not only feel life at its lowest point but also shows us that all pain is temporary.



So what do you do when you get an email from PLYR Golf ? You go out and buy 8L of milk, that’s what the hell you do.

So 1 year ago, to almost the exact day, I go on a little boys trip to you guessed it. FINAL FOUR BABY! Ok I might be a bit upset about not being able to go this year, but delayed gratification is an amazing thing.

On this trip I got to know this young man who is with our group and we start to talk about life, he asks me pretty much everything about being a young father, and the daily duty that goes along with it. It turns out that this young man sitting next to me is the owner of this company that I have seen everyone around town and on social media supporting. From the little young guns to the 70 year old 100 yards down the pipe beauty. This Company is called PLYR Golf.

I knew right then and there this guy was going to do something special. When I got home I had to message him, I know I don’t mean shit in the big picture but oh well. “Hey man, I just wanted to let you know that you have a good head on your shoulders and I believe in what your doing. Chase that dream and don’t stop till it’s yours.”

This leads us to this email. I have been given an opportunity to support PLYR in a new way, my way, the dad way. I believe in going after opportunities when you believe in them and that some times you need to make those opportunities happen. Thats what PLYR was built on so I’m all in on helping out anyway I can.

Rodan18 for 10% “dadcount”

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


Temper temper

So the kids won tonight. Yes that’s right, the young bloods got the best of dad and let me tell you, I feel like a POS about it.

Does that make me a bad dad? I sure as hell feel like one that’s forsure. It’s not their fault every event that took place these past few days lead to me losing my cool for 15… ok maybe 30 seconds. That doesn’t make me a bad dad though, does it?

We teach our kids to calm down, take a deep breath, and relax. This is so they can sit back, take a look at what is really going on, and realize that their break downs are really not important. So guess who had a little temper tantrum trying to teach them about not throwing temper tantrums? You all guessed it this big dumb dumb. Boy oh boy do I feel stupid, but guess what? I have to deal with my actions, suck it up, and admit to my kids that even daddy makes mistakes and isn’t the prince charming superman they know and love (well I’m more of a Bruce Wayne kind of guy but that’s neither here nor there).

I’m not really sure how some of you guys out there keep it so cool like a god damn cucumber like 200 percent of the time. Right now I’m going to just blame it on my parents like my kids do to me.

On a serious note, do I feel terrible? Absolutly, I’m human. If I told them I was perfect, I’m sure I would go up in flames. Everyone shows weakness at some point in time, in some form or another. It’s about showing your kids that even us as parents make mistakes, and are constantly learning how to be better at this game of life.

If your kids win, don’t beat yourself up over it. You take that big L and get your ass up and learn from your mistakes just like we teach our kids.




How many of you have had a migraine? and im not just saying a headach but an actual day changing throw everything out the window migraine.

I have been getting migraines ever since i can remember. The earliest memory i have of getting them is probably when i was about 6-7 years old and i just remember crying and crying to make it stop and i couldnt walk and i just remember being so affraid it wasnt going to end. It did end and i moved on but to this day they still haunt me whenever and whereever they please.

In the past year or so i have noticed that my migraines and even day to day headachs have started to take a turn for the worse so i have reached out to my doctor for more help then usual. This is something that me and my Doctor have been working with and trying to figure out for many years and finally i said to him a few months back,

Ok im done with this i need to see a specialist because i cant do this anymore,  I want some peace of mind that this thing isnt something else.

He had absoulty no problem refering me to someone. Ok heres how bad our health care system is, im told i need to document everything i am doing to prevent them from happening for the nuerologist to take me serious.

Do you ever get that feeling within the first few moments of meeting someone that you can tell they have already made up their mind about you? Lets fast forward to me calling my doctor becuase this “nuerologist” did just that. I walked out of her office with two fucking perscriptions and what she thinks is going to be a follow up in three months. One i was currently on and the other was something i had tried a few years ago which i told her did not work.

So here we are back at square one waiting for my next appointment with a different specialist.




Do you set goals? Yes? No? Maybe daily, monthly yearly?

If you do then awesome I think everyone needs to set some kind of goals for themselves. When we are not working towards something it becomes extremely easy for us to lose focus on what’s important and need to work that much harder to achieve the goals we set.

My oldest is getting to an age where she is relying on getting approval and seeking some form of gratification for everything and anything. I can understand where she is coming from, it’s hard with having two younger siblings and constantly fighting for the attention she used to get. With that being said I have been spending some time really trying to figure out the best way to properly deal with her little outbreaks.

I think that teaching her about setting goals and the importance in them will not only help her but over time benefit her brother and sister as well. My “goal” in this is to show her how you don’t need the approval from anyone to feel a sense of accomplishment and to have some self fullfilment.

This doesn’t mean I’m not going to be here every step of the way it just means I want her to know that she is the one who is in controle of her life and happiness.

Something i need to do is start setting more unrealistic goals that challenge who I am and what I’m willing to do to achieve them. I mean ya its great that I write down shit like “clean the whole house by Friday”, sure its a good day to day goal but I think that sometimes people need more then that, fuck I need more then that.

My first new goal is to commit to 3 posts a week here on DDWDD for the remainder or 2018. I’m encouraging everyone to go after what they want because if you don’t someone else will . Let me know what your goals are I’m not claiming to be the magic formula but hell its nice to get it out in the open because once you do that, there isn’t any turning back.


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