It’s no coincidence

Life is amazing when you sit back and notice everything that is actually going on. I'm sure everyone has had this happen, when your talking about a specific activity or brand name and the next time you turn your phone on BAM there's an add for it. Well has anyone ever noticed that when your... Continue Reading →


My dad grew up there, my brother lives there and my best friend has won a national championship there. I have been visiting the Humboldt community my entire life for Christmas dinners and to watch the boys in green and yellow. My heart goes out to every friend brother sister cousin uncle aunt grandma grandpa... Continue Reading →


Do you set goals? Yes? No? Maybe daily, monthly yearly? If you do then awesome I think everyone needs to set some kind of goals for themselves. When we are not working towards something it becomes extremely easy for us to lose focus on what's important and need to work that much harder to achieve... Continue Reading →


Our whole life is broken down into different measurements of time.  What time do you have to wake up in the morning? What time is your meeting? What time do you need to be at your lacrosse practice? What time do you go to bed at? A large percent of the population will agree that... Continue Reading →

Being tired for all the RIGHT reasons.

I'm sure that in everyone's day to day they go through some sort of daily ritual or common occurrence, whether it be coffee with the wife before heading off to work or the small talk with co-workers or customers. Mine so happens to be the small talk with both co-workers as well as customers, "good... Continue Reading →

Emotional Weakness

Emotions are something that i held deep down and strongly believed that they were a sign of weakness. Weakness in my mind was something that was extremely unacceptable and would be the reason i would not be able to succeed in life not just financially but more importantly as a father and husband. There was... Continue Reading →

Dad Club

First rule of Dad Club, do not talk about Dad Club. Scratch that there are no rules. If you're an expecting dad I hate to break it to you but there is no step by step guide to help you along the yellow brick road. Every day is a different game with a different set... Continue Reading →

What do dads do?

What is it that dad's do? well currently I'm laying in bed at 2:49am because my hamster (what my wife likes to call my brain) is running a million miles a second on it's dad wheel. I'm used to these hours now usually it's because thing 2 wants something to drink so then thing 1... Continue Reading →

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