Migraines Part Deux

Ok so, awhile back I wrote this article about migraines. This is a follow up post that I have been contemplating for awhile now. I told myself when I started this blog that I was going to be 100 percent me, I’m not entirely sure why I was really contemplating anything. I have found 80 percent pain free days with the help of Medical Marijuana.

Let me tell you fine folks about how CBD Oils have literally changed my life. I went from taking 2 to 3 different pain medications a day, along with 2 different antidepressants, as well as having a back up (narcotic) just in case nothing else worked……. to NO MORE PILLS!!!!!

I know there are some of you who think it’s absolutely absurd, but guess what…. I dont give a damn what you think. I now live a life without a constant head ache. I went from having pain every single moment of my damn day to 2 maybe 3 hours A WEEK. I feel as if I’m free, free from something that has literally held me back from day to day activities.

I have changed a few thing in my day to day, minimal caffeine (I sneak a Coke here and there). I have now been alcohol free since February, ya that’s right no more weekend whiskeys. I also drink a Shakeology shake everyday. I have actually found that if I dont drink a shake, by the end of the day my head will start to aggravate me.

This combination has given me a new life, a life that I am no longer haunted with the possibility of being immobilized by pain. I feel like a new man to be honest. I do this super weird thing called sleep, all my medications before literally kept me awake until my body just shut down and I would sleep for a few days.

I feel as if I’m a better father and honestly a better husband. I dont scare my kids anymore when “daddy puked because he has a headache” or “daddy needs help walking because his head hurts”.

I’m not afraid to be alone with my kids, that’s right I was literally afraid to be alone with my kids.

So around this time last year, my wife was away on business for a few days and the girls and I were having a “girls week”. I ended up staying home all week due to my youngest puking about 3 hours after mom left. So we had a week of at home snuggles and tea parties, and that weekend we finally ventured out with Nana (my momma). We had a beautiful day at the park ending with some ice cream. We got the icecream and a wave hit me, a wave of pure agonizing pain. I asked my mom if she would watch the kids while I went home and slept for a bit. I’m not entirely sure how I made it home, all I remember was getting to my house and when I got to my room, I blacked out from the pain and woke up 6 hours later on the floor to my dad pounding on the door. This was why I was scared to be alone with my children. How am I supposed to take care of them if I can’t function.

IM FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

If there is anyone out there thinking about the idea of medical marijuana, DO IT. I’m serious, there are options out there for everyone. Get that “stoner” stigma out of your head.

My new life is beautiful.



Motivation Station

What motivates you? what motivates me? This is a question that I am currently having to ask myself.

When I started this blog I felt as if I could write every day. This past few weeks however, time seems to simply just slip away. Am I doing something different? Should I do something different? Did something happen? Am I missing something? Am I being the best dad i can be? Am i being the best husband i can be? Am i being the best me i can be?

These are all questions I need to ask myself on a regular basis. Not because I think I’m a bad dad/ husband. Not because anything major came up in our day to day lives. I simply do this because no matter what there is always room for improvement.

I’m going to be blunt with myself here, I have been failing myself and my family. I have been quick on assumptions, I have been to short with my temper. Basically i have been a grouchy shit head.

There is absolutely no excuses. There is no reason big enough for me to be anything less then 100 percent for myself and my family. For this I apologize, I know that me writing this isn’t a formal apology, truthfully this has been an amazing thought process for myself.

I started this post with the hope’s of motivating myself to get writing more. Turns out what I really needed was a kick in the ass. When your not giving yourself 100 percent, your definitely not giving your loved ones 100 percent.

So what motivates me? My two daughters, my big little man and MY WIFE. Telessa I’m sorry I havnt been present, there is no excuse and you deserve better then what I have been giving.

I have a choice too be better. We all have the choice to be better, Ask yourself if what your bringing to the table is just the meal of the day or the family favorite that gets passed down through generations.



Its strange to me that people are so opposed to change. We, as living beings, literally change every second of everyday. From the moment we are conceived, life as we know, evolves. So what is it that people are so afraid of?

Biologically speaking, there is nothing we can do about change, each year we have a birthday and turn yet another year older. Well, that is unless your a women, teachers seem to forget that chapter in biology class that all women when they turn 29 just stop getting older. This is a world wide phenomenon that has scientist’s puzzled.

So, leaving the biological side of change aside, why do people get stuck in their way and avoid altering their day to day lives? Ok, I get it “dont try and fix what’s not broken”. What if I told you that change doesn’t necessarily mean your fixing something, rather you’re fine tuning it.

Let’s look at our life as if it’s a brand new car. You go to the dealership and you pick out that brand new blacked out SUV with the supercharged engine. What happens when you drive it off the lot? It’s not so new anymore is it, It might be to you but try and sell it back to the dealership and your going to get the old model rates. So you decided to keep the SUV, 6 months later your driving past the car lot and what catches your eye? You guessed it the 2019 model just came out. When you see that new model your going to be 1 of three types of people.

  1. The first will pull into the lot find a sales staff and drive the new model home.
  2. The second will drive past at first. A few weeks later after some online research will go in for a test drive and make a calculated decision based on price, value of “new” upgrades and “want vs. need”. Based on that they will either purchase or wait a few years for a future model.
  3. The third honestly didn’t even look towards the car lot and has been driving the same car for some time. No payments are the best payments.

There is no right or wrong way to look at this unless you have no money and are “car broke”. If you’re that person (which I was at a very young age) then your type of change is taking a step back and saving all the spare change you collect.

Just like in the car industry, change is inevitable. It might not always be for the better but I’ll let you in on a little secret…… if you dont like the change that took place, just change it again.

There are 3 things (in my opinion) in my life that dont need to be changed.

  1. My wife and kids (well besides the two youngest they are constantly getting poop and pee on me it seems like)
  2. My mother (she raised me so she must be perfect)
  3. Big Macs, it’s the perfect sandwich and if you disagree well then I must question your life choices.

I believe that in order for us to succeed in life, change is a critical step that we must take. This doesn’t mean you have to clean house every few months and start over. It simply means that life is going to keep moving forward if you like it or not. So, why not make your life the best it can possibly be with some much needed regular maintnace.


Sharing is caring…


When growing up we are taught the fundamentals of sharing. My oldest is at the age where every life lesson will shape her for the rest of her life, these are the foundation on which she will live by. This stage of a child’s life is up to us as parents to guide them in a way that will allow them to be the best version of themselves as they can be.

My definition of sharing and your definition could be polar opposites but that’s where we as parents need to make sure we are giving our children the opportunity to explore both. With all my kids I have found myself saying “you need to share” or ” remember you need to play nice and share your toys”. I’m at a point now with my oldest that sharing, now has a different meaning.

As adults generally we do not go around with our hands out saying ” excuse me sir, I noticed your driving a new truck, well its my turn now.” This is where my oldest is having a bit of issues, she is used to being able to do things because its her turn. To me this is where we as a society are really failing. We are grooming a group of individuals that has no separation between hard work and the outrageous sense of self entitlement. I teach my kids that everything they get to do is based on their behavior, no im not saying they need to be good little sheep that fall in line. I’m teaching them that a positive attitude and doing what is right will get them a lot farther in life then expecting the world.

LIFE IS NOT FAIR. I hate to burst your sunshine rainbow bubble but its true life isn’t fair. There will be times in your life that you see someone succeed that doesn’t deserve to while the lady across the street can’t catch a break yet she is the most uplifting positive human you have ever met. I’ll tell you right now that the lady who can’t catch a break doesn’t see it that way, to her she is simply learning another lesson that she will then SHARE with the people around her who she CARES about. To me that’s whats cool about life not being fair, if life was fair we wouldn’t be able to experience what its like to set a goal and achieve it.

I want my kids to grow up knowing what it feel like to set goals and to chase their dreams and to stop at nothing until they reach them. My hope is that when that point in time comes they know they don’t need to SHARE their reward but rather they CARE enough to want to SHARE their knowledge and help guide people to achieve their own goals.

I believe everyone should have the same opportunities in life, however I don’t believe everyone deserves them. As parents of the future generation it is up to us to teach our children that everyone has the opportunity achieve great things but it the ones who work for it that deserve it.


It’s no coincidence

Life is amazing when you sit back and notice everything that is actually going on. I’m sure everyone has had this happen, when your talking about a specific activity or brand name and the next time you turn your phone on BAM there’s an add for it. Well has anyone ever noticed that when your brain starts reminding you of something or someone you just so happen to run into that person?

It all started back in early May of 1990 , Two young women met at St.Pauls hospital with the deliveries of their first born children. A friendship started that, then in turn created another friendship. My first friendship started 17 days after I was born.

Fast forward 1 year and there we are at my first birthday and guess who’s trying to ruin it, you guessed it my bff. He was apparently “sick that day”, dont worry a few years later I got back at him….well not really, more like I almost ruined his parents wedding when I feel off a water slide hit my leg on the pool edge and all the grooms men jumped in the pool to save me (my bad).

This morning I woke up and had a craving for some bagels, so what do I do? I head down to my local bagel joint and guess who I run into for the first time in years? You guessed it. The short conversation we had was a flood gate of emotions. This is a family that I remember his siblings being born and some of my only childhood memories have them in them. The twins are in university and the youngest is driving my heart damn near stopped when I heard the words.

It’s no coincidence that we ran into each other. There is always meaning behind these unexpected encounters. For me I was able to congratulate him on his soon to be fatherhood and I was able to hear something that might not seem important to some but the world to me.

” I love your blog, it has become almost a morning routine for me”.

It was that nod of approval you get from your brother and right then and there you know you did something right. Unknowing to them that small conversation was the boost I needed mentally, so thank you.

I told them we needed to get together soon so they can meet my wife and kids and that I was going to go home and write it down so I can make a point of seeing them. Well this is me writing it down.

Life truly is amazing when you sit back and think about it. Everything happens for a reason weather you like it or not. It doesn’t always head in the direction you want it to go but unknowingly it’s headed in the direction you need it to go.


Get Outside!

Who else grew up hearing these two words (in my case more often four) GET YOUR ASS OUTSIDE. Now I know these days we can’t use the word outside because it’s not location neutral but for all intensive purposes it’s ok.

A buddy of mine approached me today and we had a good discussion about the differences between letting your kids play digitally vs out in the elements. I know many of you right now are thinking to yourselves,

“Outside you idiot, always outside”

I’m not here to tell you how to raise your kids but take this into consideration. My friend has no issues with his kids playing on the iPad or computer and some TV tossed in there and at first glance you might question that decision right?

Let me break it down, I know this family has very strong roots outdoors so for their kids to have some screen time isn’t the end of the world. The kids might spend the week on homework and video games but come the weekend well its time for a little Red Eye Outdoors.

Weekends are where a family can really strive. You get two or three days where you can really explore the outdoors and teach your kids the importance of mother nature. The key is the allow a healthy balance of both, now I’m quilty myself of allowing my kids to much time in front of a screen and I’m looking to change that.

Now I believe that you need a balance of both, and I know your thinking I’m wrong but think about this for a second. We grew up in a time where our day to day lives did not depend on technology, we can not say the same for our kids. We as a society have hit a point where if we were to cut our kids out of the tech world we would actually be putting them at a disadvantage later in life. Some of you might disagree with me but #sorryimnotsorry.

Weather you like it or not our future lies in the hands of the tech world. Would I rather be sitting on a secluded lake up north rippin lips with the Red Eye Outdoors crew? Damn rights I would be, that still doesn’t mean I don’t rely on this computer in my hand to tell you fine people about it.

Find a balance with your kids, give them the option of finding the beauty of silence on a cold fall morning while you call for northern moose. Who knows your kid might just be the one that invents the app that allows us dads to skip work during hunting and fishing season.


My One

It’s as simple as this, my wife is the reason I am here today.

Not all fairy tales are kissing frogs and flying donkeys. On the outside I learned how to be confident and to some even well put together.

In reality I was an alcohol fueled freight train filled with narcotics and a hidden bag of explosives. My depression was the conductor and I’ll be honest with you guys he was a terrible driver.

To my parents I might have seemed a bit off but I would always blame it on being tired, I was in my early twenties and living the “bar life”. To my close friends they could see me slipping away at an alarming rate.

So here I am at my afternoon bar spot, I look across the room and through the doors I see my guardian angel. I immediately asked my wing man, Michelle, who the hell this stunning women is (she worked with my future wife at the time).

M: Her name is Teles………

Me: She is the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

I didn’t even let her finish saying her name I was so fixated.

Later that day, at a different bar, here she comes walking in the door and what are the first words out of my mouth?

Me: Hey I know that girl, I fucking love that girl..

Her: Was he talking to me ?

I had to meet her, there was no question that I needed this women in my life.

So I do what any pathetic young guy does, and asks her friends what some of her interests are to see where we have some common ground. Remember a couple weeks ago I posted about how the lion king played a very important role in us meeting?

That simple post gave me an in to start a conversation with one of the shyest people I have ever met.

A few nights later I picked my future wife up and we talked for 8 hours before the lion king was played. I was sweating like a nervous pig, she asked me what was wrong and I told her I have never been so scared to kiss anyone because if I mess it up I won’t get another shot.

This women gave me the flashlight to find my way out of the hole. She gave me eternal confidence and showed me how to love me for me. Not once has she ever asked me to change or that I can’t do this and that, with trusting in me to make the right choices it in turn showed me my self worth.

To my beautiful wife, Thank you.

Love N.R.W

The Key To Life

Do you want to know what the key to life is ?

I have a hint, it’s not in this post. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is the key holder to their own life.

My life and your life are very different, just like my house key won’t unlock your door and hopefully yours doesn’t unlock my door. Throughout your life you could end up with many keys and become that one guy we know with a ten pound key ring that he needs a fany pack for. Ok I’m that guy and you know what? I’m not ashamed of it.

Everyone starts with 1 key then something cool happens, we find another one and then another. We do this till we find the one that opens that last door for us where life is perfect……. out of nowhere you stumble upon another key.

There is no single key, the key is to make the one your currently holding the best damn key you have ever seen. Life is weird and beautiful and scary and messed up but that’s what makes it amazing. If you’re looking for the key to life then take the one you have throw it away and go down to lifedepot and cut a new one.


My Pride Land

When the hell did I get so God damn soft?

One of my all-time favourite movies growing up was Lion King (hopefully I don’t get in shit for using the title). I and my wife share the love of the movie, it was actually a very vital piece to the puzzle in how I turned into the luckiest man alive. So we sit down for a movie night with the kids and decide to watch this magnificent masterpiece and holy shit did I ever forget about how fucking sad a certain scene is (everyone should know what I’m talking about).

I can’t let my little ones watch this? Wait my parents let me watch this, what the hell were they thinking? Then it hit me like a slap in the face. Unknowingly I have taken in this new age mentality of protecting our children from absolutely everything.

First things first I threw that thought right out the window. Here is the thing, do you guys remember the scene where father and son are up on the……. of course you do. My philosophy on that scene goes like this. Our lives on this planet are how we perceive it, some people take the bad for good and others the good for bad. Everywhere where the light touches are up to ourselves to decide if we turn right or left or choose to look at the glass half full or half empty. Now where the sun does not go is the absolute inevitable, this is where pain and suffering come into play.

We all experience pain and suffering at some point in time. Now the tricky part it teaching our children how to deal with it. There is no right way of doing this but there is a wrong one. Allowing your children to believe it’s all sunshine and rainbows will eventually lead to a breakdown or ultimately, failure.

My Pride Land is a safe space for my family to learn both the good and bad aspects of life. I will protect them with all my power but I will always encourage good and bad mistakes and failure, if we do not learn from our mistakes and learn how to deal with pain or suffering then we can never learn to heal and mend what is “broken”.

Pain is an amazing thing, it allows us to not only feel life at its lowest point but also shows us that all pain is temporary.


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