The year was 1990 and one beautiful day in May a baby boy was born and he would forever change the life path of everyone around him. Fast forward to the year 2012 and that boy would meet the women who would save his life from a path of self destruction. This sounds all sorts of cliche but my wife has shown me the light in dark room and has taught me to always keep my head held high, even when we are golfing and i should really have my head down and eyes on the ball….. maybe that’s why she always wins. I am forever grateful that she has given me 4 beautiful children (2 girls 2 boys).  Being a dad or Dada or daddy or mamma (the middle one just yells either mom or dad before even looking to see who is around) is the most rewarding part of my life and i will give it 186 percent until they stick me in a home…..



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