What’s the difference between me and you?

When you think about family, one thing that comes to mind is similarities. On the other end of things are the differences. These are what makes you, well, you.

From the day we found out that Abigail was going to come into our lives I thought about what she was going to look like, what her voice was going to sound like and what type of personality she was going to have. This has happened with every child and it honestly continues to amaze me as they get older. As anyone who has kids knows, no two kids are the same no matter how hard the younger sibling tries to be as like their older counterpart.

Personally, (and I know this is going to sound super cliche),  I wish I would have know how ‘cool’ it is to be different. I make a point to let my children know that it’s OK to not like the same things as their siblings. I want them to understand that the person they think is cool in that movie or that musician who puts out their favorite song was able to achieve these goals by accepting their differences. Being different is what makes people special-we don’t have to all be the same.

In our house we struggle with my youngest girl wanting to be exactly like her older sister. I know there is nothing wrong with that, but I also know she makes certain decisions just so she can do what her big sister is doing. I want my kids to have common interests, however I want that to be natural and not just because someone else likes certain things. At this stage in my parental career, we are starting the ‘do I like this’ game. We are testing out different activities, finding out if we are a dance or swimming kind of kid. Who knows, maybe they like doing a bit of everything and that’s awesome!

So what is the difference between me and you? I hope everything.


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