Look what I can do!

My life is currently stuck in a MADtv skit from the early 2000’s. Does anyone remember MADtv or specifically Stuart? . For those of you who have no idea, I hope you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpTaOE6znkg

“Look what I can do!” Stuart – MADtv

If anyone is like me then you’re welcome for the blast from the past rabbit hole that we just embarked on.

My wife and I are currently the most sought after couple in the GWHA (Greater Williams Household Area). I understand why we got famous overnight but now try to explain to my 3 older kids why the new kid on the block is so popular. It probably has something to do with the new kid having an underwear sponsorship with Kirkland or maybe it’s because he doesn’t talk back yet? Either way, we seem to have an ongoing competition of ‘look what I can do’ going on.

Has anyone else ever had that “oh shit” moment while parenting? No? Ok good me neither. In all seriousness though, anyone who has thought that going from 1-2 kids is hard then you never thought about going from 2- 3 or 3- 4. The very moment you realize they outnumber you is the moment you realize you need an adult. Don’t worry—help is on the way… maybe. I can’t actually promise that.

Earlier in my blogging career, I wrote a blog called “Time.” It’s funny how things come full circle I don’t know if the ‘full circle’ reference works with this, but it sounded cool so there it is). In this instance I’m not referring to actual time but more along the lines of ‘quality’ time . It’s important to spend quality time with not only your children but also with your partner.

The next time you’re preparing a meal and having what seems like the first adult conversation with your spouse in a very long time and you get hit with the ” Dad! Dad! Dadssssss daaaaaddsdsssssssddddd!”only to find out they forgot what they were needing, I want you to remember 1 thing when this happens: that little face is only trying to feel as important as the new baby or ‘work’ or whatever your family’s situation might be.

To my children, I apologize if I have ever made you feel not as loved or less important than your siblings or other family members. I love you all more then I have ever thought I was capable of loving.

To my fellow Dads, please do not regret ignoring the countless interruptions that end in ‘look what I can do‘. Please do not regret missing the countless opportunities to have that tea party with Barbie and your main man Caillou. Regret can cause any man to go crazy, so please just take the opportunity to look at whatever the hell they are doing—that 10 seconds could be the best fucking 10 seconds in the history of time (or at least your day).



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