Being Invested

There is a difference between ‘being invested’ and wanting to ‘be invested’. It is the same when you ‘want’ something but haven’t taken the steps towards achieving your goal. I can sit here and say “I want a new house” or I can say “I’m going to buy a new house” and put together an action plan to do that.

Recently i have been caught up in a wide range of new life changes. In all reality, these past few months should have given me more content opportunities then I’ve ever had before. I neglected my creative writing mind and anyone who reads DDWDD (my apologies). Instead, I decided to make an investment in a few different areas of my life.

Where do I begin? Oh ya tha’s right—May 24th at 4:25am, my son Grayson Cody Williams was born. He was a small 9lbs 13oz. Our family is now officially complete (well we might add a fur baby or two but that’s for another day).

Now that I’m thinking about it, I guess we did this whole thing a bit backwards. Don’t people usually get a cat or dog first? Well shit—too late now to do it that way.

Along with the birth of my newborn son, the Williams household has been a busy one. My oldest will be finishing up her first year of school in about 5 days, even though she acts like she should be finishing her 12th. I along with a few friends and family members were able to finish our basement so that the kids actually had space to play. Now let me stop right here, when I can come home after a long day of work and the first thing I see is the actual floor well that right there might just be the most beautiful thing in the world. Having the extra room in the basement to hide kids shit in is what dreams are made of.

Along with everything that has been going on at home, I have also been given the opportunity to take my work life to the next level. This is something that I have been working very hard for and my investment in my job has paid off. Now this doesn’t mean I sit back and coast, but rather the exact opposite. This is where the real work starts, where I prove myself to everyone who has committed to me and granted me this wonderful opportunity.

I am INVESTED in my life with 100 percent of my heart. Sometimes that means you need to pick and choose where you want to delegate your time and efforts. These past few months were invested with my family and working towards an amazing life for my 4 crazy kids.

There are many things in life that I want but there are only a few that I know I will make happen. My family’s happiness and comfort is and always will be my number 1 investment, but it does feel good to get back writing for you. Enjoy!



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