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When growing up we are taught the fundamentals of sharing. My oldest is at the age where every life lesson will shape her for the rest of her life, these are the foundation on which she will live by. This stage of a child’s life is up to us as parents to guide them in a way that will allow them to be the best version of themselves as they can be.

My definition of sharing and your definition could be polar opposites but that’s where we as parents need to make sure we are giving our children the opportunity to explore both. With all my kids I have found myself saying “you need to share” or ” remember you need to play nice and share your toys”. I’m at a point now with my oldest that sharing, now has a different meaning.

As adults generally we do not go around with our hands out saying ” excuse me sir, I noticed your driving a new truck, well its my turn now.” This is where my oldest is having a bit of issues, she is used to being able to do things because its her turn. To me this is where we as a society are really failing. We are grooming a group of individuals that has no separation between hard work and the outrageous sense of self entitlement. I teach my kids that everything they get to do is based on their behavior, no im not saying they need to be good little sheep that fall in line. I’m teaching them that a positive attitude and doing what is right will get them a lot farther in life then expecting the world.

LIFE IS NOT FAIR. I hate to burst your sunshine rainbow bubble but its true life isn’t fair. There will be times in your life that you see someone succeed that doesn’t deserve to while the lady across the street can’t catch a break yet she is the most uplifting positive human you have ever met. I’ll tell you right now that the lady who can’t catch a break doesn’t see it that way, to her she is simply learning another lesson that she will then SHARE with the people around her who she CARES about. To me that’s whats cool about life not being fair, if life was fair we wouldn’t be able to experience what its like to set a goal and achieve it.

I want my kids to grow up knowing what it feel like to set goals and to chase their dreams and to stop at nothing until they reach them. My hope is that when that point in time comes they know they don’t need to SHARE their reward but rather they CARE enough to want to SHARE their knowledge and help guide people to achieve their own goals.

I believe everyone should have the same opportunities in life, however I don’t believe everyone deserves them. As parents of the future generation it is up to us to teach our children that everyone has the opportunity achieve great things but it the ones who work for it that deserve it.


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