To: Mom

Thank you.

The reason I am the man I am today, doesn’t just stem from my fathers. The big reason, the main reason, is the mother I had standing behind them.

You always tell me you wish you would have been able to give me more growing up, and I never truly understood why. Everything that I do for my family stems from me watching my role model raise me.

You taught me that when I fail, it was only a lesson that I needed to learn. You taught me to keep my head high and heart full, because no matter what happens, tomorrow is a new day. You taught me the little things, like matching my shoes with my belt, and how to keep a clean house (which is extremely hard with three kids….Fyi). You showed me how to be compassionate, and to no matter what, help someone who is in need. It’s amazing the effect that you truly have on people. Every friend that has met you will always ask me how “momma” is doing.

There is this story of me and my friend Dumba going to Costco with her. We went off and lost her so being idiots we started walking around yelling, “mom! momma! mommy!”. We finally came across her and she was so red in the face and this lady who worked there came and said oh good, you found your boys. Well 2 years later she goes to Costco and this same lady comes up and asks her how her two boys are. The key part in all this was “her boys”, I am her only son but she has always treated my friends as if they were her own.

Momma, I love you. You’re the reason I’ve become the father I am, and I thank you everyday, for everything.

I love you to the moon and back again, around the world and up to the stars.


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