It’s no coincidence

Life is amazing when you sit back and notice everything that is actually going on. I’m sure everyone has had this happen, when your talking about a specific activity or brand name and the next time you turn your phone on BAM there’s an add for it. Well has anyone ever noticed that when your brain starts reminding you of something or someone you just so happen to run into that person?

It all started back in early May of 1990 , Two young women met at St.Pauls hospital with the deliveries of their first born children. A friendship started that, then in turn created another friendship. My first friendship started 17 days after I was born.

Fast forward 1 year and there we are at my first birthday and guess who’s trying to ruin it, you guessed it my bff. He was apparently “sick that day”, dont worry a few years later I got back at him….well not really, more like I almost ruined his parents wedding when I feel off a water slide hit my leg on the pool edge and all the grooms men jumped in the pool to save me (my bad).

This morning I woke up and had a craving for some bagels, so what do I do? I head down to my local bagel joint and guess who I run into for the first time in years? You guessed it. The short conversation we had was a flood gate of emotions. This is a family that I remember his siblings being born and some of my only childhood memories have them in them. The twins are in university and the youngest is driving my heart damn near stopped when I heard the words.

It’s no coincidence that we ran into each other. There is always meaning behind these unexpected encounters. For me I was able to congratulate him on his soon to be fatherhood and I was able to hear something that might not seem important to some but the world to me.

” I love your blog, it has become almost a morning routine for me”.

It was that nod of approval you get from your brother and right then and there you know you did something right. Unknowing to them that small conversation was the boost I needed mentally, so thank you.

I told them we needed to get together soon so they can meet my wife and kids and that I was going to go home and write it down so I can make a point of seeing them. Well this is me writing it down.

Life truly is amazing when you sit back and think about it. Everything happens for a reason weather you like it or not. It doesn’t always head in the direction you want it to go but unknowingly it’s headed in the direction you need it to go.


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