Get Outside!

Who else grew up hearing these two words (in my case more often four) GET YOUR ASS OUTSIDE. Now I know these days we can’t use the word outside because it’s not location neutral but for all intensive purposes it’s ok.

A buddy of mine approached me today and we had a good discussion about the differences between letting your kids play digitally vs out in the elements. I know many of you right now are thinking to yourselves,

“Outside you idiot, always outside”

I’m not here to tell you how to raise your kids but take this into consideration. My friend has no issues with his kids playing on the iPad or computer and some TV tossed in there and at first glance you might question that decision right?

Let me break it down, I know this family has very strong roots outdoors so for their kids to have some screen time isn’t the end of the world. The kids might spend the week on homework and video games but come the weekend well its time for a little Red Eye Outdoors.

Weekends are where a family can really strive. You get two or three days where you can really explore the outdoors and teach your kids the importance of mother nature. The key is the allow a healthy balance of both, now I’m quilty myself of allowing my kids to much time in front of a screen and I’m looking to change that.

Now I believe that you need a balance of both, and I know your thinking I’m wrong but think about this for a second. We grew up in a time where our day to day lives did not depend on technology, we can not say the same for our kids. We as a society have hit a point where if we were to cut our kids out of the tech world we would actually be putting them at a disadvantage later in life. Some of you might disagree with me but #sorryimnotsorry.

Weather you like it or not our future lies in the hands of the tech world. Would I rather be sitting on a secluded lake up north rippin lips with the Red Eye Outdoors crew? Damn rights I would be, that still doesn’t mean I don’t rely on this computer in my hand to tell you fine people about it.

Find a balance with your kids, give them the option of finding the beauty of silence on a cold fall morning while you call for northern moose. Who knows your kid might just be the one that invents the app that allows us dads to skip work during hunting and fishing season.


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