How many of you have had a migraine? and im not just saying a headach but an actual day changing throw everything out the window migraine.

I have been getting migraines ever since i can remember. The earliest memory i have of getting them is probably when i was about 6-7 years old and i just remember crying and crying to make it stop and i couldnt walk and i just remember being so affraid it wasnt going to end. It did end and i moved on but to this day they still haunt me whenever and whereever they please.

In the past year or so i have noticed that my migraines and even day to day headachs have started to take a turn for the worse so i have reached out to my doctor for more help then usual. This is something that me and my Doctor have been working with and trying to figure out for many years and finally i said to him a few months back,

Ok im done with this i need to see a specialist because i cant do this anymore,  I want some peace of mind that this thing isnt something else.

He had absoulty no problem refering me to someone. Ok heres how bad our health care system is, im told i need to document everything i am doing to prevent them from happening for the nuerologist to take me serious.

Do you ever get that feeling within the first few moments of meeting someone that you can tell they have already made up their mind about you? Lets fast forward to me calling my doctor becuase this “nuerologist” did just that. I walked out of her office with two fucking perscriptions and what she thinks is going to be a follow up in three months. One i was currently on and the other was something i had tried a few years ago which i told her did not work.

So here we are back at square one waiting for my next appointment with a different specialist.



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