Do you set goals? Yes? No? Maybe daily, monthly yearly?

If you do then awesome I think everyone needs to set some kind of goals for themselves. When we are not working towards something it becomes extremely easy for us to lose focus on what’s important and need to work that much harder to achieve the goals we set.

My oldest is getting to an age where she is relying on getting approval and seeking some form of gratification for everything and anything. I can understand where she is coming from, it’s hard with having two younger siblings and constantly fighting for the attention she used to get. With that being said I have been spending some time really trying to figure out the best way to properly deal with her little outbreaks.

I think that teaching her about setting goals and the importance in them will not only help her but over time benefit her brother and sister as well. My “goal” in this is to show her how you don’t need the approval from anyone to feel a sense of accomplishment and to have some self fullfilment.

This doesn’t mean I’m not going to be here every step of the way it just means I want her to know that she is the one who is in controle of her life and happiness.

Something i need to do is start setting more unrealistic goals that challenge who I am and what I’m willing to do to achieve them. I mean ya its great that I write down shit like “clean the whole house by Friday”, sure its a good day to day goal but I think that sometimes people need more then that, fuck I need more then that.

My first new goal is to commit to 3 posts a week here on DDWDD for the remainder or 2018. I’m encouraging everyone to go after what they want because if you don’t someone else will . Let me know what your goals are I’m not claiming to be the magic formula but hell its nice to get it out in the open because once you do that, there isn’t any turning back.


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