Nap time management.

I know what you are all thinking, how to properly and efficiently organize and plan out your kids napping schedule. I am here to tell you that you are wrong.


What i actually mean is knowing the signs that your partner is one more juice box away from turning into that hysterical drunk white chick who cant go get corn dogs. Usually when that happens my wife gives me a look and i know right there that i just received a free 20 minutes for me time.

Allowing yourself even 10 minutes a day to let your brain do nothing is something i believe is essential. Your brain needs that 10 minutes to recharge sometimes, let it go off to where ever it wants to go. If that means crash hard for 10 or if it wants to go and check out this amazing blog then allow it to do that.

We understand that “alone” time is important, every night my wife goes and has a bath for an hour. I understand that she runs around with the kids all day and by 8 pm she needs it. Some days we don’t really get a minute to talk but that is OK, our brains have to be just as present as we are in order to strive as a family.

I guess i should have called this post “Me time management” but today me and my wife both managed to get in a 10 nap before the circus went to bed so “nap time management” it is.


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