Cleaning Problem

If your anything like me then you can appreciate the stress and anxiety level that comes with a mess. By a show of hands how many of you feel like you could just spend hours cleaning and the moment you put your favorite vacuum away the circus has already come and gone?

I have three types of cleaning that I do.

  1. Stress Cleaning
  2. Sick Cleaning
  3. Every day something to do cleaning

By no means is my house spotless but that’s not from a lack of effort. I know that I’m overboard with it ( I can thank my mother for that) but that’s ok.

I stress clean when someone is coming to the house because we can’t let them know that we are living there with 3 kids. I especially need to know if “Nana” is coming over, or “momma” as I like to call her. Yes I’m a 6’2 bald head, tattooed body, bearded face, big ring wearing son of a gun who still calls my mom “momma”.

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, I sick clean when I’m sick. I know that might sounds weird but I can’t sit still for more than 3 minutes so when I’m stuck at home I can usually last about 2 hours before I just tidy up a bit. It almost has a placebo effect on me making me feel like I’m getting better.

And we the everyday cleaning is just something I believe every household needs to do. This kind of stuff would include a daily vacuum of the kitchen and living room which are two main kid zones. We will also surface clean the kitchen make sure all the dishes are in the wash so we can put them away in the morning. On top of that we will pick one thing to tackle so that we don’t have to set whole days aside, this way we can show the kids how to properly organize time for everyday activities.

The best way I have found to monitor what we need to do is make a chore calender. We write down daily tasks for the month and cross them out throughout the day. We have found this as the most beneficial and productive way so that things don’t build up and we have to dedicate a whole day to it.

I have come to terms with the fact that my house is never going to be spotless again, well until the kids are older and that’s their “rent”. Either way I’m good because they will do it or they will be out of the house so I can do it, and do it right.

Leave a comment or DM me with what your favourite household cleaning tips and products are, I’m always looking for a better and more efficient way.


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