Being tired for all the RIGHT reasons.

my why

I’m sure that in everyone’s day to day they go through some sort of daily ritual or common occurrence, whether it be coffee with the wife before heading off to work or the small talk with co-workers or customers. Mine so happens to be the small talk with both co-workers as well as customers, “good morning how are you today” is something that i ask or get asked more times then i can count in a day let alone a full week.

I have become accustomed to hearing and saying a variation of “oh not to bad, i could have used some more sleep” and to be honest it annoys the hell out of me and i’m trying to make a conscious effort to steer clear of answers like that, they are meaningless and are adding no value to the conversation and if anything just allowing yourself to start your day off in a negative mindset. Here’s the thing, 90 percent of the people who say ” i could have used more sleep” have the power to do so but choose to do something else with their time.

For me and i hate that i catch myself saying it in a way that it sounds like a burden, ” ya i didn’t get much sleep the kids kept me up” . Did I not CHOOSE to have my children? YES I DID and i wouldn’t change any sleepless night for anything. I admit having kids is not for everyone and there are a lot of people who would much rather do whatever they want whenever they want, but to me having a family that depends on me and being able to provide endless amount of love and support is unbelievably fulfilling and provides me with endless amount of happiness. Don’t get me wrong i like staying up late and sleeping in just as much as the next guy but again i’m a big boy who decided to put his big boy pants on and start a family that comes with a whole new territory of responsibility.

Am i tired most of the time ? yes…. yes i am and i am also the happiest i have ever been so i can honestly say that it is worth it. It might not be worth it to you or whoever else wants to tell me its not but i’m going to let you in on a little secret, i honestly don’t give a rats ass, you made your choices and i made mine.

I started doing something different in my day to day routine that i have noticed adds such a positive effect on me and its so simple. I used to come to work in “work clothes” well now i still come to work in “work clothes” but i have modified them into something that people see as above standard work attire. Some things granted have changed but the building blocks behind my new routine are solid as long as i implement them properly. I am allowing myself to feel confident in what i am wearing and by doing so i have noticed that little things like “i could have used more sleep” are slowing my productivity levels and not only bringing myself down but others around me.

Having kids has taught me how much negativity impacts not only yourself but everyone around you. To this day someone who acts negatively around me instantly puts me in a negative mood without me even knowing it and it drives me absolutely insane because i will catch myself doing or saying negative comments. When i was younger i was very naive in a sense where i thought that people who acted positive all the time were extremely fake, but in reality i only thought that because i was allowing myself to be surrounded by negative people. Positivity is one of our greatest tools in life, it allows us to stay focused and keep a clear mind set so we can set the right things in place for us to achieve our goals, and i believe it is very important to teach our children the power of a positive mindset.

Where am i going with this big rant? well let me tell you. I am tired because i made a choice to start a family and my main focus is to give my children and wife the best possible life that i can give them and to do so it all starts with something as simple as putting on the right clothes and allowing yourself to start everyday on a positive note. Not everyday is going to be a good one but its up to you to make it one.


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