What do dads do?

What do dads do_.

What is it that dad’s do? well currently I’m laying in bed at 2:49am because my hamster (what my wife likes to call my brain) is running a million miles a second on it’s dad wheel. I’m used to these hours now usually it’s because thing 2 wants something to drink so then thing 1 wakes up because well why not and then the little guy wakes up because it’s time to eat. Not tonight however tonight I’m up thinking about something my wife said to me that really makes my heart full “you are such a good daddy”. What makes a good dad? why do good dad’s do the things they do? is there a right or wrong way to be a good dad?

I do everything I do because I love my family. I’m far from perfect and can be extremely stubborn but that doesn’t stop me from trying to be the best dad and husband that i can possibly be, I made a promise to myself at a very young age that I will do anything and everything for my wife and kids when I grew up and that day came on July 17 2013.

There are alot of ways to be a good dad depending of your situation, hell some of the best dads are not even dads they are single moms, teachers, coaches or grandparents. There is no single right way to be a dad it all depends on the hand your dealt and the many different ways you want to play that hand. The one thing I do know is that whatever way I play that hand I’m going to play it in a way that my kids can watch and learn how to be the best “them” that they can be.

“Your such a good daddy” is a reassurance that I’m doing the right things for my children and setting the building blocks in place so they too can be good parents and spouses. So I guess to answer my question “what do dad’s do?” really depends on what they are willing and wanting to do. Dads can do alot of things and the one thing we do without even trying is being a role model.

And on that note the little guy just woke up and sounds hangry.


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