There is something about Mondays that just drive me absolutely crazy. I usually wake up early-not just a few minutes early, but way too early. I seem to have a million things running through my head, like what I need to do in the upcoming week or things that I maybe forgot to do the week... Continue Reading →


Good Better Best Whether you like it or not, criticism is a key component to our success as a human. There are roughly 18 classes of criticism (don't worry, I am not going to be breaking them all down). To me, there are 3 main types of criticism that anyone should ever be worried about:... Continue Reading →

First Tooth

Well it's official: my 5 (almost 6) year old daughter, my baby girl looks like a true Canadian. That's right—she lost her first tooth. Did I cry a bit? No... ok maybe just on the inside. Why does this even matter? Seriously though I shouldn't be upset about this but for some reason I almost... Continue Reading →


Being Invested There is a difference between 'being invested' and wanting to 'be invested'. It is the same when you 'want' something but haven't taken the steps towards achieving your goal. I can sit here and say "I want a new house" or I can say "I'm going to buy a new house" and put together... Continue Reading →

First Steps

A baby's first steps are seen as one of the most important milestones in their small career as a human. As a parent, I have only had the opportunity to witness this momentous occasion happen with my boy. To be honest, I'm kind of used to missing all of the big 'firsts' with our children due to... Continue Reading →

What did I miss?

 It's still 2018 right? No? Well shit, what the hell just happened?Ok, so I still occasionally can't sleep, I still have 3 kids (for now) and I'm still bald. In all honesty these last 6 to 7 months have been quite the blur."You know, a lot can happen in 6 months" is something I say... Continue Reading →

Love Their Mother

If I can pass one peice piece of advise advice on to any Dads out there, it's that no matter what, show your kids that you Love their mother. Now I understand that there are certain instances where this doesn't apply. I know there are some cases where you think this is impossible. I'm not... Continue Reading →

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